• Guess what? Kettlebells both Shred Fat & Build Muscle. Regular Intense Kettlebell Workouts varying your weight and reps will increase your strength and develop muscle. A good structured workout will really fire your metabolic rate and burn through calories with K Bells.

Today, a piece of fitness equipment i just love ...The K Bell or Kettlebells!

If you arent already then this seriously is an item that your workout cannot ignore. So why are they so good?

  • ​An overlooked benefit is the Core! Many of my kettlebell exercises are dynamic moves which rapidly transfer power between the legs and upper body in one move. A strong core transfers that energy swiftly.. and if you are bored of the same old sit ups, Kettlebells are great for Ab Blaster exercises.
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  • Kettlebells will not provide isolated muscle exercises like dumbells & common machine exercises: But whole body movements that recruit a lot more muscle group(s), in any one movement. It works more of the body & incorporates functional exercise ie the movements we use everyday!

New For 2020 I want to cover regularly a topic of interest be it fitness or health in general and useful to you guys!

So. I hope thats helped inform you a bit more...Why not give it a try with me and you can enjoy the benefits of a safe, fun and challenging Kettlebell workout too

  • As my clients have found out Kettlebell routines are never dull! There are a myriad of varied Kettlebell Exercises and techniques. Dare I say..it brings fun to a workout and keeps it interesting and challenging!
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  • First up Kettlebells are different! If you havent used them you will find these have the effect of giving your body an electric charge. The body reacts to stimuli and if youre in a ground out routine of the same old weights your body will react positively to the change

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